Wedding Photographer in Canterbury, Kent

Canterbury Wedding Photographer

Are you planning your dream wedding and looking for a wedding photographer in Canterbury, Kent? One of the most important aspects of your special day is finding a wedding photographer who can capture its timeless elegance. Below I highlight a few of the most incredible wedding venues where I’ve captured some truly stunning wedding photography in Canterbury.

Canterbury Wedding Venues

1. Preston Court

Preston Court is a picturesque wedding venue in Canterbury known for its stunning landscapes and unique features. With its charming barns, beautiful gardens, and a captivating Victorian carousel, Preston Court offers a truly magical setting for your wedding day. A skilled wedding photographer in Canterbury will expertly capture the romance and whimsy of this remarkable venue.

2. Eastwell Manor

Nestled in the Kent countryside, Eastwell Manor is a stunning wedding venue known for its timeless elegance. With its beautifully landscaped gardens, picturesque lake, and exquisite interiors, this country estate provides a romantic setting for your wedding. A talented wedding photographer will expertly capture the romance and charm of Eastwell Manor, preserving your cherished memories.

3. Winters Barns

For couples seeking rustic charm, Winters Barns is an ideal choice. This enchanting venue features a collection of restored barns surrounded by picturesque gardens and open countryside. With its oak beams, tranquil courtyards, and panoramic views, Winters Barns offers a delightful backdrop for your wedding photographs.

4. Marleybrook House Wedding Venue

Marleybrook House is a historic wedding venue in Canterbury known for its elegance and character. With its thatched roofs, romantic gardens, and beautiful courtyard, this venue exudes timeless beauty. A skilled wedding photographer will capture the unique charm and intimate atmosphere of Marleybrook House, ensuring your memories are beautifully preserved.

off camera flash wedding photography at winters barns

Your Wedding Photographer in Canterbury

Canterbury, with its timeless elegance and remarkable wedding venues, provides a captivating backdrop for your dream wedding. Whether you choose the picturesque Preston Court, the romantic Eastwell Manor, the rustic Winters Barns, or the historic Marleybrook House Wedding Venue, as a professional wedding photographer in Canterbury I’ll capture the essence and beauty of your special day in a relaxed way, allowing you to relive those treasured, unposed and natural moments for years to come.

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