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Charlotte & Alex’s epic wedding at the Commissioners House

Proposal's to Promises

Venue: Commissioner’s House

Your first names: Alex & Charlotte

Your ages: 32 & 28

Wedding date: 31/07/2022

How did you meet and who made the first move?

Alex and I met when we were both working at Odeon and we started getting put on shift together all the time. He used to “flirt” with me by following me round when I was stocking up and turning all the bagged sweets upside down and turning bottles around (He later became a supervisor and part of his job was turn to ensure that the team correctly merchandised all the products on sale!) But, he also used to find out when I was going on break and make me a cup of tea ready every time. He asked me to watch a film with him at the cinema one night and after that all our colleagues assumed we were together anyway. A few weeks later we met for Pizza and that was that.

Tell us about your engagement?

I got home from work one Friday (11th May 2018) and Alex had lined up 3 pokemon with 3 pokeballs in front of them. He asked me to pick my favourite and open the pokeball in front of that one. I picked Charmander (of course!) and opened it up, the ring was inside and Alex was on one knee behind me.

What made you choose your wedding venue?

We wanted a venue where there was lots for our guests to do and see and a lot of my family come from boating backgrounds, so it just seemed a perfect fit. Then when we went for a tour of the dockyard Slip No. 3 completely sold it for us.

Did you have a theme or insipration for your wedding?

There was a bit of a nautical theme, with our colours and table decorations, but more than anything we wanted our day to include elements of us and things that we love, so our table names were based around that and each table had a little something to tie into that theme.

What was your first dance song and why did you choose it?

Stand by me by Florence and the machine. We love the original Ben E King version and Alex always says that it makes him think of his Grandparents dancing together. The Florence and the Machine version appears in Final Fantasy XV, and Alex loves playing final fantasy, so from that point we knew it was going to be our first dance.

What would be your top tip to other couples planning their own wedding?

Before we planned our own wedding we had attended many weddings and had been to a lot of different venues. My advice would be to reflect on these when planning your own wedding because they can be a really good starting point for deciding things you do and don’t want on your own wedding day.

Would you recommend me to your family & friends and if so, why?

Absolutely! Steve was amazing from start to finish and totally put us at ease. He supported the smooth running of the day and was so patient (even with toddlers who kept running away and refusing to put their shoes on!). He had so much enthusiasm and excitement for the photos he captured and an amazing eye for what would create the best photo. Best of all, at no point did we feel like we were awkwardly posing, everything felt so natural and fun! We are so happy with our photos, amazing memories and will be excellent features in our home. Thank you so much!