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Kirsty & Josh’s spring wedding at Hayne House

Proposal's to Promises

Venue: Hayne House

Your first names: Josh and Kirsty

Your ages: 28 & 32

Wedding date: 18/03/2022

How did you guys meet? And who made the first move?

So first things first josh made the first move! He first saw me on a social media app honestly probably not what you thinking at all! But josh had messaged me I did read this message but left it un-replied to as he called me hun!! I hate that word with a passion, so he became quite persistent and kept trying to contact me, in the end, I gave in and replied, after messaging to and fro for some time we met up and had a Nandos well let’s just say the rest is history as we spent every day together after that meal. A baby and a wedding and here we are, I knew from that first day of actually meeting I would love him forever and I would have a baby with him and become his wife, all the things he said he didn’t want and now look where we are, best of friends, husband and wife, with a house full of loud funny beautiful children.

How did you get engaged?

Well, what a complete shock this was as he always protested dead against this!!

So we planned a nice valentines double date with our friends the boys had made all the arrangements we knew nothing about how romantic! So josh had come home to a nice little clue present hunt, loved it I made a great effort in this. After we were ready to go he said aww you can have your present later he claimed it was at our friend’s house and we were staying there that night, so we rushed to the restaurant so we didn’t miss the booking we ordered food, now I suffer from anxiety quite bad, this restaurant was packed out with people all I kept saying was how busy it was and how my anxiety was bad after we ate the boys went to the toilet as they came out josh come round to me and said happy valentines love you, I replied the same back and turned to carry on talking, all of a sudden I heard I love you with this I turned around and saw josh on one knee and he popped the question I took at least 10 seconds to answer as with shock I turned around and put my head in my arms, he whispered please answer me everyone is watching he knew I would say yes anyway and everyone then cheered and me well I was in utter shock!

What made you choose your wedding venue?

We picked Hayne house because as soon as you turn off the motorway you are in the countryside for the last part of the journey is stunning, as you see the sign for Hayne house the drive leading to the car park you are taken in with beautiful views it is peaceful and I’m lost for words if I’m honest after viewing the venue we both got back into the
car and had no words we were in love, of course, josh said as it was our first one we viewed we had to view others well we did but one thing we couldn’t do is get Hayne house out of our head, nothing else gave us the butterflies or the same feeling as Hayne house did. So we booked it and it is by the far the best decision we made I couldn’t thank them enough for everything. Not one thing went wrong and everything was exactly how we imagined it.

Did you have a theme or inspiration for your wedding?

So we can’t lie we winged it but somehow, in the end, we had a theme and everything planned before that just fit into it. Now our theme was Peaky Blinders and tbh we don’t even need to explain that one, as everyone knows how good that is. All I will say is: by the order of the Richardsons god bless you.

What is your first song and why?

Our first song was Shania twain: from this moment on.

Well, ours had a twist as our amazing DJ had recorded our vows and added them into the song too, omg that was amazing. The reason we picked it was because of the words themselves the song was fitting for our day.

What would be your top tip to other couples planning their wedding?

DON’T STRESS, No honestly pick your venue find your colour theme and depends on the venue but I feel the wedding comes together easily, men let your women do it trust me to save many rows haha. I would say we booked our venue and colour scheme and everything fell into place bit by bit.

Would you recommend me to your family & friends and if so, why

Well we first saw Steve at a wedding fair, his stall caught our eye so we walked over and well he was so down to earth, and we walked away after looking at his portfolio showing the ideas he had smashed out the park, we both went he is the one! Now one thing I would say is to spend on a photographer it shows they capture your whole day and you want to remember the small bits you may forget! And with steve he caught bits we couldn’t remember and from the start of the day steve was just so attentive and we got on amazingly we both felt so comfortable like we were just with a friend there was no awkwardness at all with poses or those certain shots just laughs and amazing work, at the end of the day he packed up we was gutted he had to leave we tried to keep him there to party but he couldn’t, this man became a friend. Any problems or ideas we had he took on gave us his advice and smashed our day and the pictures we have are proof of this, we will use him again for any pictures needed for anything. Top geezer thank you again for making our day and capturing those special moments.