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Wedding Photography Styles for the Modern Couple

Wedding photography has evolved over the years and it’s no longer just about a classic and traditional style, modern couples are now exploring a range of styles and trends to capture their wedding day. Here are some popular wedding photography styles for the modern couple:

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Wedding Photography Styles for the Modern Couple

Documentary Style:

This style focuses on capturing candid and natural moments throughout the day, telling the story of the wedding day as it happens. The wedding photographer will be documenting emotions, interactions between people, and the finer details with very little intervention on the day. This style is in my opinion is perfect when paired with a creative edge so that you get a balance of organic moments and creative photos for things like your groups and couple portraits.

Fine Art Style:

Fine art wedding photography focuses on creativity and artistic expression through photos. It often shows use of elements like unusual compositions, creative lighting techniques and post-processing to create visually stunning wedding images.

Editorial Style:

This style mainly takes inspiration from fashion and editorial photography. It combines candid moments with carefully curated couples poses, locations, and styling to create a more polished and magazine-like aesthetic. This style certainly has its place when used correctly but I would say that this style is not suited for shy couples or people looking for organic and unposed wedding photos.

Dramatic and Moody Style:

This style uses impact lighting, deep shadows, and rich tones to create a moodier and more atmospheric look. It can add a touch of romance, mystery, or sophistication to the wedding photographs but may be a little contrasty and dark for a lot of people.

Drone Photography:

A growing trend in the last few years has been the use of drones to capture unique aerial shots of the wedding venue, outdoor settings, group photos and even the couple. Drones now provide a fresh perspective and can add that something a little different to images. Drone use can sometimes be restricted by the wedding venue or English law depending on it’s geographical location.

Cinematic/Storytelling Style:

This style aims to capture the wedding day like a movie, using creative compositions, framing, and post-processing techniques. It is mainly seen used by wedding videographers includes both photos and short video clips to create a cinematic and captivating experience.

A Diverse Style:

As couples embrace diversity, there is a growing demand for photographers who can authentically photograph weddings of various cultures, traditions, and same-sex marriages. As a wedding photographer I believe it is our job to capture the day is it unfolds as well as the couple and the love they share for each other. I would much rather capture a couple and the chemistry they share for each other in an unposed manner than use “stand there and kiss” prompts, for me it is all about capturing a part of a couples journey and have been fortunate enough to have photographed many sam sex weddings and a whole range of traditions from Jewish, Greek and Chinese cultures.

Unconventional Perspectives:

Some couples are looking for that something a little different, seeking photographers who can think outside the box. These photographers aim to create visually dynamic, show stopping images that stand out from traditional wedding photography. I Love to shoot this way especially when using flash, it allows me to be really creative and deliver images that are far from traditional.

Remember, choosing a wedding photography style should be about being drawn to images that have you wanting to see more. Just like choosing a car or home if it feels right then you are heading down the right track. My photography style is a blend of creative documentary storytelling. If you wanted to see some more examples of this style of photography you can check out my Wedding portfolio here.


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