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Bad Weather on your Wedding Day

If you get bad weather on your wedding day can be disappointing, but it’s important to remember that weather is something beyond our control and with a great photographer its something you don’t need to worry about.

While it’s not always ideal, there are still ways to make the best of the situation and ensure that your wedding day remains epic!

Bad Weather on your Wedding Daybad weather on your wedding dayOld kent Barn wedding photography

Bad weather wedding photography

When choosing a photographer for your wedding, it’s important to find someone who is experienced and has the skill to capture beautiful moments in various weather conditions, including bad weather. Here are some tips to help you select a photographer who can make the best of a bad situation:

Look through their portfolio:

Look through your photographer’s portfolio and pay attention to any photos taken in bad weather conditions. Judge their ability to create stunning images despite the rain, snow, or other difficult elements. Look for things like creativity, composition, and the ability to capture emotion. I’d much rather capture the real you and the love you share than just ask you to stand there and kiss, it’s just plain lazy!

Ask for examples of their bad weather photography:

Don’t hesitate to ask your photographer for specific examples of weddings they have shot in bad weather. Ask to see full wedding albums or a photo gallery that shows how they handled the situation. This will give you a good idea of their skill set and if they can adapt. Weddings are a fast-paced occasion so it’s important to see if they have what it takes if the worst does happen with the weather.

Read past client reviews:

Look for reviews on Google to see what other couples have to say about your potential photographer. Did they have bad weather and if so, how well did the photographer handle the situation? Were they able to produce exceptional images despite the bad conditions? Feedback from other couples is king! this information will really help you make an informed decision not only on how they handle situations but their personality and professionalism.

Communication and flexibility:

During your initial meeting with a wedding photographer, it’s worth discussing any concerns about potentially bad weather and seeing how they respond. A great photographer will listen to what you have to say, offer backup suggestions, and show a willingness to work with whatever conditions are thrown at them. Communication is key to ensuring you are both on the same page. I always ensure we have backup options for the group shots and couples shots before any wedding I shoot, It’s better to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

Experience and skillset:

Choose a wedding photographer who has good experience shooting weddings in various weather conditions. They will have encountered situations before and developed an approach to overcome them. Their expertise will enable them to adapt quickly, find alternative locations, and make the most of the available lighting and surroundings for your photographs.


It’s essential to feel comfortable and relaxed with your chosen photographer. Building a good relationship with them will not only help you relax in front of the camera and get better photos, I always like to serif my couples are ok with a few photos outside if we are faced with light rain, I’ve shown examples of these to show just how amazing these images can look if your photographer is skilled enough and you are up for getting outside.

By choosing a skilled, professional photographer, you can have confidence that they will make the best of any weather conditions and capture beautiful memories for you, leave situations like bad weather in the hands of a capable photographer all you need to do is relax and enjoy your wedding day.

Why not check out my bad weather portfolio to see more examples of bad weather weddings and how I handle these situations for my couples?